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Steering Systems

Hydraulic Steering Systems are a must on any High Performance boat on the water today.

Tie Bars

Zeiger Stainless Steel patented swivel tie bars provide superior strength and stability for your steering.

Helm Kits

Manufactured out of stainless steel, you will not find a stronger, more durable unit any-where on the market.

Steering Wheels & Adapters

The Zeiger design steering wheel adapter was developed for the West Coast customers choosing to use the Formuling Steering wheel which is popular on the West Coast of the USA.

Hose Kits

These kits make it easy to connect your hydraulic steering system from Zeiger Marine Products.

Spacers & Extension Box Shaft

Take away all the guess-work and problems associated with mounting a steering system to the extension box that existed in the past.

Pumps, Tanks, & Manifolds

Chrome plated & high performance pumps, tanks, reservoirs & manifold from Zeiger Marine Products.

Rigging Accessories

Rigging Aides, Rigging Tools and Rigging Accessories provided by Zeiger Marine Products.