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Isotta Steering Wheels

Innovation, Design and Quality Made in Italy

These three fundamental principles have been the pivot of production system for more than13 years. Every product is closely finished to the smallest level of detail, this starts upfront when conceived by our designers, passing through the prototype phase to production and right up to assembly and quality control for each and every product. ISOTTA turns the concept of sporty steering wheel upside down with the use of a double vertical perforated spoke. No.1 steering wheel in Europe, its strong point is innovative design. Custom hubs designed by Zeiger Industries. Complete the quality look from wheel to dash and mated to Zeiger tilt helm or standard helm kit. You won't find a better marriage anywhere. Hubs & adapters designed to fit Carlotta, Zulag, Katiena, Prestigio, Marabel & Vallelunga.

Diameter: 13.80"
Grip: Genuine leather or vinyle leather
Spokes: Equal double-spokes in stainless steel ss316 polished
Center flange: Stainless 316 polished
Center cap: Genuine leather or vinyle leather
Isotta Hub Adapter taper required Or upgrade to Zeiger stainless 316 hub ( optional ) bolts directly to all Zeiger helm kits. ( additional hub not required )

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Product Options

  • Carlotta / Silver Carbon Fiber Look #7311405CE
  • Carlotta / Black Leather #1405NMST
  • Carlotta / Black Carbon Fiber Look #1405FCST
  • Carlotta / White Leather #1405WMSKAIST
  • Carlotta / Red Leather #1405ROST
  • Diama / Black Leather #1885NMST
  • Diama / Silver Fiber Leather #1885FCST