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Bravo & Sportmaster Drive Spacers

Optimizing the X dimension in relationship to the bottom of the boat's running surface maximizes a boat's performance. Drive spacers have been developed for the purpose of adjusting a boats X dimension without removing engines or drives. Spacers are excellent tools commonly used by the OEM's (boat builders) in order to determine exactly where to place the center line of the crank shaft of the engines. Optimizing the X dimension will eliminate or minimize the follow performance problems: excess cavitation, difficulty in achieving plane, bow trim or premature prop blowout. Adjusting the X dimension will improve triple engine installations by allowing the center engine to be mounted on a more even plane, thus achieving proper exhaust routing and tie bar and steering installation.

All drive spacers are hard black coated aluminum with stainless steel studs and bolts. Coupler sleeve, speedometer extension and o-rings also included. No other parts are required. Kits available from 1/2" to 3" in half-inch increments.

Product Options

  • Bravo Spacer Kits 1/2" #1000947
  • Bravo Spacer Kits 1" #1000948
  • Bravo Spacer Kits 1 1/2"#1000949
  • Bravo Spacer Kits 2"#1000950
  • Bravo Spacer Kits 2 1/2"#1000951
  • Bravo Spacer Kits 3"#1000952
  • Sportmaster Spacer Kits 1/2"#1001901
  • Sportmaster Spacer Kits 1"#1001903
  • Sportmaster Spacer Kits 1 1/2"#1001905
  • Sportmaster Spacer Kits 2"#1001907
  • Sportmaster Spacer Kits 2 1/2"#1001909
  • Sportmaster Spacer Kits 3"#1001911