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Outboard Tie Bars

The #1 Choice in Quality

The first and only patented tie bar wuit a built in compensator.

The compensator end of the tie bar will turn or swivel inside the bar allowing the end of the clevis to adjust to the trim position. It will not side-load the mounting pin like all others that bend the bar or the plate.

This innovative design, originally engineered for the Bravo Tie Bar, is now the leader for the up and growing outboard tie bar market.

The outboard lock nut is another original design. Provided with the Zeiger Tie Bar, the lock nut locks the tie bar to the clevis after the final adjustment.

In addition, there are three stainless steel set screws for added insurance the nut stays in the locked position.

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Product Options

  • OptiMax twin / tie bar mount#1002890
  • OptiMax Triple / tie bar mount #1002890
  • OptiMax Quad / tie bar mount#1002890
  • Verado 400R twin / tie bar mount#1004898
  • Verado 400R Triple / tie bar mount #1004956
  • Verado 400R Quad / tie bar mount#1004956
  • Outboard Jam Nut#1003191