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Outboard Tilt Helm Kits

The Original Stainless Steel Tilt Steering Helm Upgrade - US Patent D511,490

Manufactured out of stainless steel, this state of the art helm offers 50° of effortless tilt (25° up/25° down). This is not just a mechanical helm adapted for use with hydraulic helms, this is the original patented design with several upgrades. You will not find a stronger, more durable unit any-where on the market. It comes with everything necessary to adapt to a Outboard Danfoss, Sea Star, U Flex and a CharLyn hydraulic valve and includes mounting for a Zeiger, Isotta, Dino and Momo steering wheels.

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Product Options

  • 5" Danfoss / Verado#1004709
  • 7" Danfoss / Verado#1004700
  • 9" Danfoss / Verado#1000000
  • 5" Sea Star / Yamaha#1004710
  • 7" Sea Star / Yamaha#1004711
  • 9" Sea Star / Yamaha#1000000
  • 5" Outboard U Flex#1004712
  • 7" Outboard U Flex#1004713
  • 9" Outboard U Flex#1004713
  • 5" Outboard Teleflex Cable#1002519
  • 7" Outboard Teleflex Cable#1002629
  • 9" Outboard Teleflex Cable#1002630