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Outboard OptiMax XS Hydraulic Steering

Introducing the Ultimate in high performance out-board steering. Another #1 innovative design. Our polished, stainless steel outboard mounting plate system follow the Opti-Max cowling design at the bottom of the power head.

Our unique three-piece plate design requires a slot cut on the side of the cowling thus not exposing the lower power head exhaust section of the engine. Simply slot the cowling for the side mounted three bolt mounting plate, align with the one-piece plate, reinstall the lower cowling and secure the one-piece plate for a professional installation.

Choose any one of Zeiger's 12 original Patented helm kits, tilt or fixed steering hub in-cluded. This is the perfect combination for the ulti-mate in outboard performance steering.

Our heavy duty patented tubular swivel tie bar mounts center on the one-piece polished plate. Adjust and secure our tie bar with our unique locking nut de-signed especially for outboard applications due to ad-ditional vibration.

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Product Options

  • 200XS OptiMax / Single #1000000
  • 200XS OptiMax / Twin#1003142
  • 200XS OptiMax / Triple#1000000
  • 225,250,300 XS OptiMax / Single#1003566
  • 225,250,300 XS OptiMax / Twin# 1003568
  • 225,250,300 XS OptiMax / Triple#1003569
  • 225,250,300 XS OptiMax / Quad# 1003570

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