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Bravo Internal Hydraulic Steering

Achieve Full Power Steerng - Eliminate the Cable. Superior Handling over Cable Applications

Now available for Alpha and Bravo Drives. Internal steering eliminates unecessary play caused by manual and power assist cable steering. Safe and affordable, easy to install steering will not move until you turn the wheel.

Designed for any single or twin application. Use Mercruiser inner tie bar for twin engine. Tie bars simply bolt to the bottom of the steering arm using specially designed studs. An outer saddle tie bar is recommended for high performance boats travelling 55 M.P.H up to 70 M.P.H. Boats reaching speeds of 70 M.P.H. and faster require external hydraulic steering.

Designed for: Yanmar Diesel/Bravo Drive, Pontoon Boats, Inflatables, and sport runabouts.

Product Options

  • Gimbal Cylinder Kit#1002465
  • Internal Hose Kit#1002530
  • Standard Helm Kit#1001242
  • Kit 1001252 Shown With Center Cap#1002238

Frequently Asked Questions

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