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Power Steering Cap & Reservior Kit

Another new innovative design by Zeiger! Leak proof, o-ring style power steering pump cap and reservior combo, shown with #6 hose jic chrome plated fitting. #1 quality made system available, view oil level and oil condition at a glance. (pump not included

Our reservior tank features 4.5" x 6" tall clear tube, chrome plated aluminum top and bottom o-ring seal plates, chrome plated o-ring seal vented fill cap, polished aluminum baffle plate with polished studs, and comes with a polished stainless steel mounting bracket. Designed and tested throught the true muscle boat arena, including Cigarette Racing.

Reservior Tank

This innovative designed tank is also used as a recirculation tank on twin engine applications including new engine packages from Mercury Racing. Power steering caps, hose and reservior tanks are sold separately or in rigging kit form.

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Product Options

  • Reservior tank only#1002782
  • Twin pump recirculating tank#1002858
  • Reservior tank with fittings#1002710
  • Fill cap with #6 jic fitting#1002105