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Bravo External Hydraulic Steering

External Hydraulic Steering Systems are a must on any High Performance boat. The external rams help lessen the load on the Sterndrive Gimbal housing by evenly distributing engine torque. Zeiger Industries is now one of the most prominent steering manufacturers in the industry and their systems are original equipment on many of today's high performance offshore boats. The heavy-duty 360 degree swivel tie bar is another one-of-a-kind, patented product by Zeiger Industries.

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Product Options

  • Bravo One / Single Drive-Single Ram#1003732
  • Bravo One / Single Drive-Double Ram#1003733
  • Bravo One / Twin Drive-Double Ram#1003717
  • Bravo-Triple Drive-Double Ram#Call
  • Bravo-Quad Drive-Double Ram#Call
  • Bravo X and XR / Single Drive Single Ram#1003735
  • Bravo X and XR / Single Drive Double Ram#1003690
  • Bravo One X and XR / Twin Drive Double Ram (No Tie Bar)#1004823

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