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Bravo Saddle Mount Tie Bar

Another Zeiger first! The saddle-mount for the new Bravo drive lower tie-bar application. This mount is designed not to pivot on the trim pin nor does it "flop" back and forth when drives are trimmed or their positions changed. Together with our patented swivel tie-bar, you will trim and turn with confidence.

Designed for late-2004 second-generation Bravo Drive. Our design includes a 7/8" stud, a rubber barrier that helps protect your outdrive against scratching, and it wIll not bind or snap like a rod-end or a clevis style tie-bar. US Patent # 6,699,082

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  • Pre-2004 Saddle Tie Bar Mounting Kit#1002975
  • Post-2004 Saddle Tie Bar Mounting Kit#1002974